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About Us
Huaian Radoow Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in No. 2 Xingye Road, Lianshui Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu,China. it is founded in May 2013, it is wholly owned by Hong Kong Deltaic Co., Ltd. The company's geographical position is superior, convenient transportation, adjacent to G25 Chang-Shen expressway, only 5 minutes to High-speed railway station, 10 minutes to Lianshui airport, about 120 kilometers from Lianyungang port. Project investment of 6 million dollars, registered capital of $3 million, the company existing plant is 8200 square meters, office area is 1200 square, with four 10 tons of travelling crane, is mainly engaged in food and pharmaceutical industry with filling equipment research and development, manufacture and sales, products are mainly sold to southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and eastern Europe and other places, wide application field, market outlook is superior.
Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on technology and market input, and has cooperated with Nanjing Science and Technology University, Huaiyin industry Institut, Grain Economics Institute of China(Wuxi) and other universities and scientific research institutions to optimize the structure of production, learning and research, and has made certain progress in the reseach and development, optimization of RG series filling equipment. The company has 29 employees, including 9 technical personnel, 12 college degree or above, and 6 senior welding technicians. The company is currently applying for 3 utility model patents. The company has CNC bending machine, plate shearing machine, plasma welding equipment, water jet cutting equipment, CNC circular seam automatic welding machine, CNC longitudinal seam welding machine and all kinds of lathes, milling machines and plate rolling machine,with a good talent reserve and sophisticated equipment, to provide a strong guarantee for quality products. At the same time, we also pay attention to the collection of domestic and foreign market information, actively participate in all kinds of exhibitions, and achieved good results.
RG series intelligent and efficient filling equipment has excellent quality and reliable operation, which is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical fields. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, low noise and low energy consumption, and has been favored by customers very well. At the same time, the company also has a very outstanding performance in industrial pure water equipment, the equipment for the water for injection and liquid distribution system, the company takes tracking service for product quality, free maintenance within the warranty period, lifelong maintenance.
The company adheres to the business philosophy of "Nourishing and Reputation the whole world together", dedicates to the creation and development of national brands, revitalizes national industry, and is determined to be a century-old enterprise, creating a school of its own in the field of food and pharmacy industry. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life and insiders to visit and give guidance.